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How It Works - Overview

Making and receiving online payments couldn’t be easier! There are only three simple steps:

Step 1: Sender makes a payment

Click on a payment button or the “Send Money” feature. Pay by e-wallet, which can be funded by bank account or check (no personal checks or cash), or pay by credit card.

Step 2: Payment is processed

AlertPay processes the payment in real-time, transferring the money to the receiver’s account. A confirmation email is sent to both parties.

Step 3: Receiver gets paid

The money is instantly available in the receiver’s AlertPay account, which can be withdrawn by bank account, credit/debit card or check.


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10 Facts About AlertPay

Wondering what you can do with AlertPay? The sky is the limit! You can use your AlertPay account for many reasons:

1. Send Remittances

Send money for FREE to anyone in any of the 190+ countries we support. You can use your credit card or e-wallet which can be funded by bank account, certified check or money order. Your payment details are encrypted and sent over secure servers to protect you and your personal information.

2. Exchange currency

For a low rate of 2.5% over the daily exchange rate, exchange your currency to make cross-border purchases. You can select from 22 currencies. Exchange rates change daily according to the markets.

3. Earn Money

Make extra cash by referring people to AlertPay and expanding our network. Just include your personalized referral link on your website or in an email and start qualifying for referral rewards of $5 USD for every referral. After your tenth, collect up to $10 for each referral.

4. Manage An Online Business

Manage payments for one or more businesses with a Business account, and save loads of time and money on your adminstrative tasks. Associate different email addresses with each business profile and keep better track of which payments are coming from which website.

5. Send Invoices

Send a friendly reminder to friends, family, clients or suppliers to pay you for whatever they owe you. You can use a simple pre-made template or create your own and save it for later use. You can search your records for past invoices and also accept payments by credit card.

6. Deposit And Withdraw Money

Withdraw your payments by bank account, check, credit card or AlertPay PrePaid Card. You can fund your e-wallet by bank account, certified check or money order to shop online or send money to friends, family, sellers and business partners.

7. Pay Salaries, Commissions, Referral Rewards And Bonuses

Pay several people at one time using our Mass Pay feature. Either add the email addresses of your payees manually or by uploading a CSV file and pay them all in one shot. Payments are easy to monitor.

8. Work Under Your Company Name

You can work under a business name to keep your personal information confidential. With our business profile feature in the Business account, you can assign a different name for each of your businesses.

9. Expand Your Customer Base

Increase your customer volume by offering more payment options. Over 6 million people use AlertPay to make secure, convenient online payments to sellers all over the world. Offering AlertPay as a payment option can open your doors to millions of established members.

10. Shop Online With A Credit Card

Use your credit card to make secure instant payments to any of our online sellers. We store your credit card details in encrypted format on a secure server so you can shop without worrying about the safety of your personal information. And once you enter your credit card details, you never have to do it again!

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